Sunday, March 7, 2010

week 8

After the PR Research & PR Practice reading, the list goes on with "Engaging with the Media".

I begin this blog with a sentence that came to my attention:
"Media relations is the cornerstone of most public relations careers... ..." (McLean & Phillipps, 2009)

In this chapter, it also includes some communication theories, which are not exactly new- was taught about it in CMNS 1110: Introduction to Communication Studies, last trimester. Looking at my PR point of view on these communication theories, the one that I can relate the most is the Uses and Gratifications theory where it actually describes how can people make use of the media. This is in fact, what PR practitioners do. Making use of the media to achieve their organization's objectives.

Another one that I can relate to is "Framing Theory". It was also introduced in CMNS 1110. Framing theory describes how a certain issue is being portrayed, so that the audience can interpret the message that is intended to be desseminated by the sender (Severin & Tankard, 2001: Tversky & Khaneman 1981 cited in Mclean & Phillipps 2009). Therefore, framing is simply defined as the careful selection of information, placing them in a certain way, so that the audience will interpret the message as how the sender is trying to tell them.

Moving on, the chapter also highlights that communication is divided into two forms, and they are:
  • Controlled (Mclean & Phillipps 2009)
  • Controlled media are publicty brochures, pamphlets, annual reports and such, where content is controlled by the organization itself- obviously an organization will not put bad things about their corporation in a publicity brochure, yes?
  • Uncontrolled (Mclean & Phillipps 2009)
  • Uncontrolled communication is a result from media relations, where PR practitioners cannnot control what journalists or reporters will write in the papers and magazines.

And this chapter also includes on how we can be successful in the public relations field, in general: and as McLean & Phillipps (2009) suggest; is the "Under-promise" the journalists, clients and "over-deliver" to them the deadline comes. That way, people that you work with externally can trust you.

And that particular line ends this post of mine.

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